How to Convert Your Mobile Visitors To Customers:

Statistics says that one quarter of online shopping is done through mobile device, there are about 5 times more mobile device users than desktop users and the sites that you view on your computer screen are also available on your mobile screen.

Mobile Visitors

Mobile compatible sites will ultimately help you bring in more traffic to your website. Your ultimate goal should be formatting your website for mobile browsing which is what responsive web design is all about. Given the fact that a majority of mobile users, spend considerable time surfing the web, it only makes sense that they concentrate on making their website mobile friendly.

Points To Remember In order To Grab Your Mobile visitor’s Attention:

  • The page should be loaded as quickly as possible, preferably within 3 seconds, when using their smart phones and tablets, longer loading times also mean more data usage for certain people.
  • People in general may not fell OK if the links are too small for their fingertip to touch properly. Sufficient space between links and page sides also improve the user experience.
  • In order to refine the search it’s good to minimize the number of clicks, this can be done by using sliders and drop-down boxes for parameter adjustments that includes color and brand options.
  • You need a click-to-call or e-mail button that is highly visible, preferably above the mentioned fold.
  • Provide Special Offer for mobile customers, this is a simple technique to raise your conversion rates and profits.
  • Make use of the social media buttons available online

Most websites are designed for a larger screen and users using it on a mobile device have to zoom and scroll around a lot, to overcome all this websites should be mobile friendly and appealing to your target customers.

Ecommerce websites should be powerfully designed that faces the challenge that does not end with easy navigation and sleek design.

The web pages must be capable such that its fits all other devices such as Smart phones, laptops, desktops, net books, and tablets along with the assorted range of screen resolutions and the basic intention is to design applications and websites that are receptive to the environment and behavior of the user based on the platform, screen size and orientation. Responsive web design is a combination of fluid images, flex grids, layouts, CSS media queries and much more.

At BlazeDream we design Responsive Websites, responsive web design is not only about adjustable screen resolutions and automatically resizable images, but rather about a whole new way of thinking about design.

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