Role of Title Tag in Search Engine Optimization

Internet market is a competitive market where every website owners endeavor to reach the top search results for their keywords. The role of title tag in SEO dominates the other important strategies required for top placement.

Search engines contain hundreds of thousands of websites and ranking the quality content among them is quite a difficult task. So, among the unique factors, title tag is one of the important factors determined to rank the web page.

Title Tag:

Here’s an example:

<title>Web development company Chennai web design company portal applications ecommerce development</title>

Note: Remember to close the tags e.g. </title>

Title tag is an important factor of an HTML page. As most of the webmasters know that title is displayed in every web search result by almost major search engines. Most of the major search engines use title tag to rank the web page. This tag helps search engines to predict what the web page content is all about.

It is one of the important factors among the different strategies determined by search engines to rank the web page. Fixing the title tag for the web page should be highly meaningful. Before creating a title tag, consider the below points in mind.

  • As webmaster knows that the major search engines displays some limited characters of title in web search results. So, create the first set of 66 characters more Google friendly and remaining for Yahoo, Bing and other algorithms
  • Make sure that the same word is not repeated more than twice
  • Avoid the same set of title tag for every web page. Each should be unique based upon the content of the web page.
  • Even the company name can be placed at the beginning of the tag, if the company is well known brand in the market.
  • If search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing crawls your website and finds that the title tag is relevant to the page, it helps to create good ranking of the site.
  • Don’t try to add irrelevant keywords or over stuffing of keywords in the title. It is imprudent to take risk with search engines.

More important that the client can provide the company name and specific keyword phrases in the title tag.

If it is a well known brand in the market, placing the company name at the beginning of the tag is suggested. There is no specific rule for writing a title tag, but following certain guidelines to create title tag helps the webmaster to easily rank the web page.

It is always better to create a title tag not more than 100 characters. If you do a research on SEO title tag, you can easily identify how many characters are restricted for each search engines. Google displays only 65 characters and it is better to add the important keywords in the beginning of the title.

Avoid Mistaken Ways of Displaying Title Tag

Many site owners have a tendency of displaying the title tag in erroneous ways. E.g. “Welcome to”. It is an irrelevant title tag for the web page and it does not help the site owner to rank his web page on the top. Make a point that the title tag should be created relevant to the web page and its inner contents like text, images, graphics and so on. Don’t repeat the same words more than twice.

Also don’t over stuff the title tag with keywords or don’t create a tag with irrelevant keywords of the site. It may harm the reputation of the site in major search engines resulting in lower rankings or non-indexing of the entire website. So, create a unique tag for every page of the site.

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