Search smarter than before in 2017

Internet is everything about updates. Search Engine Optimization has been changing a lot over the past few years. Keeping track of all the changes (updates) in the world of SEO is very crucial. One such fastest growing trend is the Voice Search. The drastic advancement in voice technology is due to the fact that voice commands are captured more accurately.

Twenty-Percent of Mobile Queries are Voice Searches

So get updated with Voice search over Keyboard search in your website to help your visitors chuck of the hassle of typing and do a lot of talking. So this is what you can expect from SEO in the upcoming year 2017.

Speaking to mobiles and getting our work done is no longer new to anyone and of course not strange for the Apple users, because this feature was introduced in the early 2010. So you can implement a recording option on your website, to meet your customer’s requests easily and quickly without any hassle. So maybe you can help your viewers to enjoy a cup of coffee instead of typing your long queries. Who would ever want to type so much! Moreover studies have proved that more than 55% of teens use voice search in their day to day life.

Get the optimal exposure your business requires through Voice Search!

This strategy has been a proven solution by experts to attract more customers to your website. So this can definitely give your business a competitive edge by staying ahead of the SEO trends.

What’s all about Voice Search?

Traditionally all the businesses regardless of the industry they belong, work towards identifying the keywords that are specific in meeting their desired results. Next they implement SEO strategies to maintain their website visibility and customers.

Predicting what customers need is the key!

Voice search the new trend in the world of SEO has drifted from this ancient methodology by supporting natural phrases in comparison to the prior short tail keyword search version. Voice recognition systems have been satisfying quite a number of valuable customers today. Thus in 20176, we expect to enhance user experience by embedding voice search in websites to closely associate with user’s queries.

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