Google PPC Marketing Ad Extension

Google has introduced a new feature designed to help internet marketers to track the performance of ad extensions in AdWords.

Ad Extensions are designed to make search engine marketing more significant to Google users by allowing brands to expand their ads with additional information like site links, product images, location and phone extensions.

Users can easily view their ad extensions performance from the ad extensions tab within their account. This tab is automatically enabled for users, if they use or have ad extensions within their account already.

Ad extensions help users to easily find out more about the business and its offerings and also they have an option to see all extensions or excluding they have already deleted. Further, users can able to filter results by extension type and see the statistics for ads with location information, links or product images.

Recently, Google announced that it is rolling out its click-to-call feature which allows direct phone numbers to be included in messages displayed on smartphones, mobile ads and apps appearing on its content network.

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