Concept of Google Sandbox Filter

Google Sandbox, the theory explains why newly registered domains and domains with frequent ownership changes rank poorly in Google SERPs and finds in Sandbox. In other words, why websites are hold in sandbox until their site quality are proven.

Once Google deems that the site is of high quality & provides excellent user interface, the website will be removed from sandbox. Webmasters works with some of the Google factors to improve their site, but it takes a time – hardly 6 months to remove from sandbox.

As Google does not clearly acknowledge the sandbox theory, majority of the webmasters finds difficult to conclude the factor what Google sandbox is.

Google Sandbox has high effect on newly registered / launched websites. But most of the website owners think that Google acts unfair with newly registered / launched websites. But it is created with a reason. The reason is to discourage spam websites from top ranking on search results. Previously, business people will create websites for promotional activities. This websites exist for short period and once the promotional activities gets over, the site will be removed. But these sites will be shown top in Google search engine results causing many broken links and unsatisfied Google users.

It is possible for a newly launched web site to rank top on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), even though the site has sandbox effect. If the search engine deems that the website is being worthy, then immediately it shows in SERPs. Web developers use to avoid sandbox in many ways.

Some of their strategies are:

Spam Domain: It happens when the domain expires or someone else is trying to spam your domain with unwanted contents, links, images etc.

Duplicate Content: The content becomes duplicate, when others stolen your content and put it in their website or if it is published in numerous websites.

Server Issue: If the server becomes down or having problem, it may cause the spider not to find any content from the web page, when Google come to index your website.

Update Of Google Factors: Keep on updating the Google factors & the algorithms set to rank your keywords on top positions. All factors not possible, but try to update some of the factors.

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