Things you Shouldn’t Overdo for Good Seo!

With the availability of infinite resources online, literally everyone is a SEO expert. So we basically try out different things to know what is actually working and what not! But in this course of time, we will also be doing things that might not seem to be wrong apparently. So let’s discuss on some things you should never delve into when you are doing seo for your business.

Keywords Stuffing

This mistake is usually prone by newbies to SEO. Though keywords play a key role and that search engines like Google would want users to build content around keywords but over stuffing might raise red flags. Simply over usage of keywords or related phrases in your meta tags and web pages might make your site look spammy to the search crawlers.

Going Behind Backlinks

I agree that backlinks is a core strategy for boosting your site’s presence online, but it’s not everything about backlinks. But there also some things you need to have a check on while getting backlinks for your website, for instance, don’t rush in getting links all at once, secondly don’t try to get easy links, those from directories or social bookmarking sites and finally focus on the quality and not quantity of backlinks for your website. Make sure you never buy links from low priority sites, because doing so can put you in serious trouble.

External Linking

Though several successful seo companies have found this strategy to be effective, it’s important that you do it the right way – because search engines hate too much of external linking. Getting a lot of external linking – both related and non-niche; will make the crawler to look at these links as spammy ones or may look at your site as a normal directory site.

Content Utilization

Content is inevitably the king. No doubt that you should post high-quality contents regularly in your blog section, but I don’t encourage that all time! Make sure you also publish video content. Though there are many visitors who would like to read long posts on various topics but still there are some who prefer watching videos over plain textual posts.

These are some top 4 seo mistakes you should avoid overdoing them during your promotion works. If you know some other things which should also be omitted, share your thoughts with us!

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