Smart Ways to Redirect Your Web Page

Today, webmasters dominates the internet market who always updates, edit and delete the web pages.

The best way to redirect a page is possible using 301 Redirect. What this 301 redirect does? Is it obviously redirects to a different page when activated? Is it safe? Dont worry about the search engine penalizing you for it. To be specific, 301 redirect tells the browser or search engines that the page has been moved or the correct URL is this.

301 redirect is the most efficient search engine friendly method for webpage redirection. Its not that much hard to implement and if you want to change the file name or move pages around, 301 redirect is the safest option. The code is interpreted as moved permanently.

HTML Redirection
Over the past 8-10 years, the use of Meta tag refresh redirection has been abused relating it to spam. The result of mis-using these scenarios leads to de-indexing of the page from search engines. It even applies to JavaScript redirection. Search engines can easily detect JavaScript and Meta tag redirection. So, try to avoid just old redirection tools. Use 301 redirect to support search engine algorithms.

301 Redirect Using htaccess
301 redirect using .htaccess is highly suggested due to its convenience of managing, rather than setting redirects on each individual page. Just add the redirect code in the .htaccess file.

How to do
– Create a file on root directory of the website and name it as .htaccess
– Open the .htaccess file via notepad or any text editor
– Add the below into the .htaccess file and save it and then upload the file into the web server

Code: Redirect 301 /old/old.html

Note: Dont add http://www in the first part of the coding; just place the path from the top level of the site to the page. Make sure that single space is left between these elements.

– Redirect 301 (the instruction that the page has moved)
– /old/old.html (the original folder path and file name)
– (new path and file name)

Its not required to redirect the page to another domain. The main feature of 301 redirect is that we can redirect the old pages to the new pages on the same domain.

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