Why Snapchat’s Update is Creating A Lot of Chaos?

If you are an 18 to 24-year-old, Snapchat isn’t a new word to ponder about! With more than 100 million users, Snapchat – the popular image messaging application, is currently the third most popular social networking application next to Facebook and Instagram.

Trending among millennialsThe instant messaging feature of this social networking app has helped it garner a huge audience base in a short time similar to its rivals – Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Snapchat has Rolled out a New Update:

– Oh My God, Snapchat what’s wrong with you!

– Can you please revert the new update released?

These are some of the common phrases exclaimed by millions of Snapchat users in several discussion forums available online. The latest update released by Snapchat has put its thousands of die-hard fans into panic mode.


So what’s new in the application?

To foster a different look and experience for the application, the Snapchat team had worked on a multitude of things.

  • In the new update, one can find stories by swiping right on the camera screen.

  • The Discover Page has also undergone modifications – it has put a lot of varied content here. You can view the content from publishers, stories of people. As of now SMO Experts knows how to follow the people and convert tricks to bring leads for your business.  The redesign in this section was accomplished to help celebrities gain more followers this way.

  • The real confusion lies here – Earlier appeared on the right side of the camera – the Friend’s Stories is now available on the left side. The user stories and all the private messages will all appear together.

  • The new algorithm determines which friends to show up on your friends page. The new app will list the stories based on the frequency of your conversation, in sense the stories of people you usually converse will show on top.

  • The auto-advance feature on user stories is back in the new app- When you are watching your friend’s story, you will be asked whether you wish to watch their next story in the queue. So with a mere tap you can jump to your friend’s upcoming story.

Though the update was originally designed to make the usage easier, it has actually resulted in causing anger. What do you feel about the new update? Do you want to roll back the older version of Snapchat?

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