Process Analysis & Prototyping: We develop individual, web-based software solutions for you by first analyzing your specific work processes and deriving a concept and prototypes with the necessary features from them.

Software Architecture & Development: We implement your individual software concept into digital reality: we create data models, model database structures, provide necessary interfaces and develop strategies for successful data migration.

Software Maintenance & Extension: We ensure that your web-based software is technically always up to date and also covers security-relevant requirements. We will gladly develop your systems according to your wishes and requirements.

WHY WITH US? BECAUSE WE FACILITATE YOUR WORK With customized software solutions

At BlazeDream, we help you digitize your business with customized software and web-based process solutions.
With tailor-made applications, we map exactly the functions that you and your employees need in their day-to-day business. We adapt the software to your business processes and to agile development that can react flexibly to changing demands.

Our claim is to provide you with an intuitive software solution that will make your working life lastingly easier.


Individual & Customizable: Adapt your software to your company – not the other way around.

Often standard software is simply not the right solution. Either you buy expensive functionalities that you will not need in the foreseeable future, or the application simply cannot be tailored to your specific needs and integrated into your company. Instead, rely on an application that perfectly reflects your work processes and is easy to use. And that integrates seamlessly with your existing IT.

Flexible & Networked: Stay flexible & connected.

In today’s business world, projects are becoming more complex and the network of work processes and data more complex. Quick and transparent information, including the involvement of external business partners, is therefore essential for making smart decisions, at anytime and anywhere with internet access, regardless of operating systems.

Budget-Oriented & Optimized: Cost reduction & process optimization.

With lean IT structures into the future: investments in expensive hardware and their operation do not have to be, because web-based software is centrally implemented on a server and then fully supported by the software provider. An installation on local computers is not required. Your employees can be accessed anywhere via the Internet via laptop, tablet or smartphone. The entered data is stored continuously and securely stored on the server. By custom-programmed individual software, you get real business solutions that effectively support you in daily business. For accelerated work processes and more competitiveness.


ANALYSIS and WORKSHOP – Together we determine your needs and project objectives

DRAFT and PROTOTYPE – First impressions of your future software

CONCEPT and DEVELOPMENT – project management and programming based on your individual concept

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