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We do not just develop innovative software solutions. We support our customers from the first idea to the finished product with our team of experienced developers and designers.

What We Do

Innovative software solutions with an individual user experience based on the latest technologies. We are digital explorers!

Our Process

We adapt methods from the world of agile software development that focus on the customer together with our designers and developers. This minimizes risks and scales projects.

Frontend Development

When developing sophisticated, dynamic user interfaces, we rely on state-of-the-art JavaScript frameworks such as Angular and REACT. Animations, supported by HTML5, CSS3 and SVGs, bring our interfaces to life and support users through visual feedback. At the same time, they ensure an individual, self-contained user experience – from the smartphone to the screen.

Back-End Development

Using the latest web frameworks based on PHP7, Swift and JavaScript (NodeJS), we create complex software systems that provide networking and connectivity to external data and services. In addition, they can be used as an interface or stand-alone application.

Web / Native Apps

Smartphones, tablets and notebooks have become our constant companions in everyday life. Their full potential can only be achieved through intelligent and user-friendly software. We offer a customized solution for every application – either as a progressive web app or as a native app.

CMS Customizing

Tailored web appearances are in our blood. Our experienced team of designers and developers combines their knowledge to create the best appearance for you. We develop this together with our digital unit from the concept to the finished website from a single source.


If bottlenecks occur in your current or future software projects, we not only support you with our development and design expertise, but also with our knowledge in the areas of planning and consulting. On request, our team will work directly with you on site.

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