Web Development Company Vs Software Development Company

Web Development Company:

Web development is a work involving the development of a website for the internet. It can range from developing a simple single static page to the most complex web-based internet applications. A web design company is not complete without owning a website for itself that expresses its products and services and displays all their professional works in a portfolio.

website design process

Throughout the Web Site Development Process, the Web team will work with the various components of the Web Interaction Model.

Software Development Company:

software development company


Software Development is nothing but defining and executing their processes.

This process involves

• Computer programming

• Documenting

• Testing

• Bug fixing

• Creating and maintaining applications and frameworks

That results in the development of software products.

Web Development Methodologies:

web development methodologies


The following are the few web development methodologies to build a successful website

 Aligning websites depending on business goals

 Demonstrating the purpose of your website

 Is each section is aligned with atleast one business goals

 Is my website is effective to get a visitor

 Does it contain details about how well your site is working?

Software Development Methodologies:

A software development methodology is used to structure, plan and control the process of developing a software product

Web development process


 Analyzing the problem

 Market research

 Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution

 Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution

 Implementation (coding) of the software

 Testing the software

 Deployment

 Maintenance and bug fixing

Web Development Lifecycle:

web development cycle


These are the Phases of web development lifecycle

 Planning

 Analysis

 Design and Development

 Testing

 Implementation

 Maintenance


Think about your website’s goals and purpose. Who are your target audience? Your website should reach to your core customers and inturn it should bring a huge traffic to your website.


Start analyzing about the information that is related to your website and what are all the functionality and information the website should contain.

Design and Development:

After analyzing the purpose and finalizing the contents of the website. We need to organize the website. The following are the things to be taken into consideration while designing a website.

• Titles

• Headings

• Horizontal rules

• Paragraphs

• List

• Page Length

• Information


A website should be tested at various stages of web development. A website testing should include

• Page Content checking

• Functionality testing

• Usability testing

Testing helps you to accomplish a proper destined goal.


Once the website testing is done and required changes are done, website can be implemented. Implementation means uploading the website to a web server.


As soon as the implementation is over, one should start working on maintain a website. The Maintenance phase includes updating the information content by removing the outdated one and putting in the new one.

Software Development Lifecycle:

software development cycle


The following are the 6 phases of software development lifecycle

 Requirement gathering and analysis

 Design

 Implementation or coding

 Testing

 Deployment

 Maintenance

Requirement gathering and Analysis:

Business requirements are gathered in this phase, this is one of the most important phase for Managers, stake holders and users in order to determine requirements. Once it’s done the requirement are analyzed based on validity and possibility.


Systems and software are designed based on the requirement specifications. The outline of overall system architecture is prepared in this phase.


Once system design is done, work is divided into smaller modules/ unit and coding is started, so it is the main focus for the developer where coding is prepared only in this phase. This is the longest phase in software development lifecycle.


Once the code is fully developed it should be tested to check whether it meets the client requirements gathered during the requirement phase. During this phase the following things are to be taken into consideration

• Unit testing

• Integration testing

• System testing

• Acceptance testing


After successful testing the product is delivered / deployed to the customer for their use.


Once the customer start using developed system, the actual problem starts where it has to be solved from time to time. The process of taking care of the developed product is known as maintenance.

Software Development Process Models:

• Waterfall model

• Incremental model

• V-model

• Iterative model

Waterfall Model:

waterfall model


It was the first model introduced. It is also known as linear-sequential life cycle model. Each phase should be completed fully to begin a next new phase. This can be used for small projects where there are no uncertain requirements.

Incremental model:

incremental model


The requirements are divided into various modules. Multiple development cycle occurs making it a “multi-waterfall cycle”. Each module passes through

• Requirements

• Design

• Implementation

• Testing phases


v model


It is sequential path of execution of processes. It is verification and a validation model. Each phase should be completed before the next one begins. Testing is done in parallel with development phase in this v-model.

Iterative model:

Iterative model does not start with a complete specification or a requirement. A part of software is created which are then reviewed for later specifications, where Requirements of the complete system are clearly defined and understood. This process is then repeated, producing a new version of the software for each cycle of the model.

Web Development Specifications:

• Web design

• Web development tools

• Web application development

• Mobile app

Software Development Specifications:

• Video game development

• Web application development

• Web engineering

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