Successful Journey of ASP.NET Web Application

ASP.NET is a server side scripting technology & a web application framework that allows developers to build dynamic & unique websites, web services and web application technologies. Being an object oriented language & event driven development platform, ASP.NET provides effectual, scalable, and quicker software application development to its clients. ASP.Net web application development is not limited only to script languages, but also it allows the developers to make use of .Net languages like C#, J#, VB etc.

The developer can create robust web applications to small, large and enterprise-class websites. Asp.Net is developed on common languages that easily run any Windows Servers and enables the programmer to host powerful Asp.Net websites and platforms.

This development tool has emerged as an unbeatable technology in the field of software development and delivers precise technical solutions to enterprises. ASP.Net constitutes of 3 interdependent entities such as .Net framework SDK, .Net framework and development environment. Its USP is a robust resourceful programming model that helps in fast deployment of applications.

Features of ASP.NET framework:

Effortless programming model: programming model supports to build intuitive web applications for clients and validation of user inputs, projects data and uploading of files are extremely easy.

Tool Support: framework provides extensive project life cycle features for developers to plan, analyze, design, build and test web applications created. And it reduces the application development time.

Output Caching:
It dramatically improves the performance & scalability of large database-driven applications.

Server-side scripting:
Being a server-side technology, it executes the code on the server before sending it to the browser.

Rich Graphical Interface:
Provides rich graphical user interface using Silverlight

Advantages ASP.NET Offers Over Other Web development models:

* Reduces the amount of code required to build large web applications
* Provides better performance on native optimization, just-in-time compilation and caching services
* ASP.NET pages are easy to maintain and write as the source code and HTML are together
* Being a server side technology, the code will be executed on the server before it is sent to the browser
* Allows developers to choose any languages that best suits their applications
* The web server periodically scrutinizes the pages, component and applications built-in and checks for any memory leaks, infinite loops and other illegal activities
* Offers better user experience with Ajax, JQuery support


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