BlazeDream Support Services

A thoughtfully designed website needs attention from time to time. BlazeDream provides high-end support services to our clients with fast turnaround and quality results. We give wings to your company and broaden its reach.

Supports are classified into 3 levels

Support level 1

Support for application
Solution for all production issues
update mail system and escalate issues if required

Support level 2

Debugging and deployment support
Minor enhancements and deployment support
Preventative maintenance, fixes and deployment support
Provide full support to Level 2 team for all-hands-on-deck production issues
Update mail system and escalate to next level as required

Support level 3

Major enhancements and deployment support
System stability improvement through root cause analysis (RCA), fixes and deployment support
Providing support to Level 2 team for all-hands-on-deck production issues

Technical Support Services

Remote Diagnostic Services
Set-up and Configuration
Product Testing, Bug Fixing, and patch Management
Service pack and Database Upgrades


Software Maintenance
Network Maintenance
Security Maintenance

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