Techniques for an Effective Email Newsletter

In an era dominated with new technologies such as Instagram, Social Media, Instant Messaging, Video Calls, Email might seem like an outdated digital medium for many of us. But in reality Email is still prevalent.

People on an average spend 4 hours a day checking their messages and is estimated to attain 3 billion email users in 2020.

Almost every business sector depends on Email or Electronic Mail in their day-to-day life. Especially the marketing professionals treasure it as a valuable medium for excelling in their digital marketing world. This blog will provide you insights about creating a great newsletter that your visitors will love.

Understand your Audience:

It is important that you should know whom you’re writing your email for. But many companies don’t realize the significance of this process and generally skip this step. So it is always necessary that you raise the following questions in your mind before clicking on the send button.

Who am I sending my emails?

Will my email appeal my audience?

Further it is also essential to analyze the level of your audience, in sense junior, senior or mid-level.

Attractive Subject Line:

What’s the point of writing a power packed newsletter, without your audience opening your email. That is the reason why you should craft compelling subject lines to make sure your email is opened and not sent to spam.

 33% of audience open emails solely based on the subject line.

10% of Emails with the words ‘Quick’ and ‘Free’ in the subject line were opened more than those without.

Content is the King:

Great content can not only engage your audience actively but also boost your brand.  Since 55% of readers spend less than 15 seconds on a page, it is important that your content doesn’t bore them. Instead it should be engaging, profitable and informative. Good content is essential for increasing the size of your audience online.

Bring in Social Interactions:

Include social media integrations for enhancing your brand visibility and audience engagements. Usually recipients can’t easily share emails pertaining to offers or something informative to their friends. So make it easy for them, by including social icons at prominent places in your email.

Mobile Friendly:

More than 70% of emails today are opened on mobile devices.

So make sure your content works across multiple devices (laptop, tablets) and especially in mobile. Make sure you don’t write big-big paragraphs when creating your newsletter. Keep it simple and concise.

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