The Past, Present And Future Of Mobile Applications

It was only few years back were mobile phones came into existence and with gadgets barely able to fit in our pockets. Initially mobile phone where used only to call or send a text message to your family and friend.

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With the advent of smart phones, mobile phones have shattered the very clichéd thought that they are being used only to call or send a text message. Android is definitely dominating the world of operating systems, It’s running on countless models of smart phones and tablets, as well as many other devices.

Judging by this one would think that programming for android is simple and easy.

The Early days of Mobile Apps:

The first ever mobile phone applications are just features that are bundled up as a design , as the handheld devices development became more advanced and sophisticated , these mobile were able to handle few features such as,

early days mobile user

• ‘time-waster’ games
• Handy programs
• Contact Books
• Text messaging

Nokia’s mobile phones had a handheld version of the 1970’s video game snake for the majority of its devices , it’s a matter of time for rest of the developers to follow the suit and they developed few other games such as Tetris , Bounce , pong and so on.

It was just not only games , these devices were more convenient to use and the owners of these devices had more access to their gadgets.

At late 90’s and the start of a new millennium mobile devices had features with camera , calendar and Internet options.

The Present day of Mobile Apps:

The introduction of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and later more advanced methods such as 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi, mobile phone users were gifted with an opportunity of hooking a device up to the net with ease.

mobile apps present day

As the mobile internet kept improving faster and better, Smartphone operators such as Apple and Android set up their own stores in order to please their customers with features as and when they wish to add it.

Many of the apps that are available now are the variations of early mobile apps , there are hell a lot of apps are available in play store that satisfies the Smartphone users, Smart phones and tablets are more than just mobile devices, They are tools that can help to improve a user’s experience.

Few well renowned banks offer their customer with an opportunity to handle their finances through online mobile banking apps.

The Future of Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are taking a huge leap and bound over the last few years, when quizzing about the future of mobile apps, the software developers’ views are definitely in multi-format.

The advancement in mobile apps scales to a level where developers are working on linking up mobile applications to television and many other gaming consoles.

global apps

The future of mobile application is so bright that the development is very much concerned and this technology advancement has no sign of slowing down.

Wrap up:

A lot has changed in the past few years for Android. It has evolved from a simple OS for smart phones and is now powering many other devices. Time will tell what will become of it.

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