Things to Know Before Changing a Web Design

Reasons to Redesign a Website
Generally, Regular visitors to the website don’t like huge changes to the website, because just now only they would have learnt how to figure out things in your website. Arbitrarily changing a site would affect frequent visitors. If a web designer plans to change the site design, try to minimize the problems to initialize the regular visitors by updating flexible navigation elements on the site.

  • User friendly or customer friendly A website should be designed in such a way that it is more user friendly or customer friendly. We can say that if a site is designed more user friendly, then it can also be said that the site is search engine friendly. Redesigning the website should have to create easy usability of the site, resulting more user friendliness or customer friendliness. This can be considered as the valid reason for changing the web design and it may help to improve the regular visitor experience rather than distracting them.
  • More accessible A site can be redesigned to improve its accessibility.
  • Search engine friendly If a web site is more user friendly for users, it can also be said that it is search engine friendly.

Minimize Changes to URLs
When redesigning a website, most of the designers feel that they should have to change the broken URLs or unfriendly URLs created previously. Changing the URLs and structure of the site is a terrible idea which may harm your search engine rankings and the power established for the old web pages in search engines may lost. It will be considered as a new web page and the reputation should be created for the new website. Any how, if you feel that you have to move the old web page, 301 redirect is the best solution for your website. It minimizes the issues & provides the old page power to the new web page.

Modify CSS File To Change Site Appearance
Cascading style sheets (CSS) can be used to change or manage the appearance of the website. It is possible to get away without major reworking in the site. Just simply modify the CSS file and feel the changes required for the website.

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