Tips To Create Mouse in Photoshop I

  • Double click the “mouse top” layer for layer style and select the gradient overlay layer style and edit the gradient color
  • On the same layer, select the bevel and emboss layer style
  • Now the mouse is too smooth and add faint grainy look for it. Go to Filter-Noise-Add Noise and set the Amount. After applying Noise Filter, duplicate it.
  • On the mouse top layer, add drop shadow layer style with its distance at 8px, size 5px and angle 100 degree.
  • For mouse top copy layer apply Inner Glow Layer style and reduce the layer’s opacity (on the Layers Palette) to 85%.
  • Go to Image-Adjustment-Brightness/Contrast and reduce brightness to -70
  • Using pen tool, create the bottom half of the mouse.
  • Right click the pen tool & select black color #0d0e10
  • Create new layer and name it “wheel bevel”. Select ellipse tool (U) and draw oblong shape with free transform tool (Ctrl+T) & rotate it. Apply bevel and emboss layer style to wheel bevel layer with parameters

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