Tips To Create Mouse in Photoshop II

  • Make bevel with little more depth by editing its contour properties. Using contour type as cone, click on to bring contour editor and add points to the counter map.
  • Add inner shadow layer with parameters
  • Use inner glow layer style for soft outline around the bevel
  • Reduce wheel bevel layer opacity to 85%
  • Use ellipse tool to draw smaller ellipse within the bevel. Fill the layer with black color & name it “hollow”
  • Create new layer “line” and pick line tool (U) with a weight of 4px. Draw diagonal line across the most half of the mouse.
  • On the tool bar, select Add Anchor Points tool via pen tool’s sub option. Adjust the bend of the line at specific points.
  • Fill black color in the line by right clicking & select color
  • For line layer, add bevel & emboss layer style with the values
  • Select inner glow layer style with the values

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