Tips To Create Mouse in Photoshop III

  • Place line layer below the hollow layer
  • To get “line 2” layer, draw horizontal line across the mouse
  • Select Add anchor point tool & adjust the added anchor point for slight blend. Both the line ends should be made narrower.
  • On the upper part of the line, drag two anchor direction points upwards for an arc. Repeat the same for lower line.
  • Fill the line and proceed to add bevel and emboss layer style.
  • Add outer glow style for a soft outline in the line
  • To have a lighter part of the line, the left side should be precise and apply a gradient overlay style
  • Create a layer for the wheel of mouse & draw another ellipse using ellipse tool within ‘hollow’. Press Ctrl+T for free transform mode and right click the distort tool. Using distort tool, adjust the dimensions of ellipse to fit at the rightmost part of hollow.
  • Add gradient overlay style, set the gradient color stops

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