Tips To Create Mouse in Photoshop IV

  • Increase gradients opacity to 100% and set its angle to 148 degree.
  • Create tracks for the wheel and enable grid lines by pressing Ctrl+. Set foreground to the default black by hitting D key. Select line tool on the option bar, choose fill pixels and draw several horizontal lines on all in one row.
  • Go to Edit-Transform-Rotate or press Ctrl+T. Rotate the row of lines and right click Scale tool to decrease the lines width.
  • For warp tool, go to Edit-Transform-Warp and on the Warp option bar’s drop down menu, select bulge and set bend to 10%. It can be done with mouse, while in the warp transform mode.
  • In the free transform mode, click the icon on the far right of warp option bar to switch in between other transform or warp transform modes. Switch to distort tool to make tracks to follow the curves of the wheel and custom the warp tool to follow the curve of the wheel.
  • Set bevel and emboss style for the tracks with the values.

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