Tips to Remove Malware from Computer

Malware refers to a malicious piece of software designed to infiltrate a computer without the owner’s knowledge. Anything that runs on the computer which is not willingly installed can be considered as malware. It contains a code that when infiltrated to the computer system, it begins to corrupt windows and its operations.

Types of Malware

  1. Computer Virus – A program that copies itself & duplicates itself into other machine without the user permission
  2. Spyware – It is a program which tracks what the user do on the computer & web and sometimes do so on the computer & web without the user knowledge.
  3. Adware – Software that automatically plays, displays or downloads advertisements on computer.
  4. Trojan Horse – Application that performs desirable function prior to run or install and facilitates unauthorized access of the user computer system.
  5. Rootkit – A program that conceals administration level access from the computer or computer network. It obtains user level access either by exploiting vulnerability or cracking a password.

Steps to Remove Malware:

  • Disconnect the bug-ridden computer from all networks like internet. If possible, use removable software in the process to clean any new installs.
  • Take a backup of all important files & software’s that you required for future.
  • Make use of the utility Safe Mode to stop the malware from running. There are self running malwares which otherwise known as auto-starting.
  • Check the “My Network Places” and delete the files that you suspects.
  • Again reboot to Safe Mode with additional care. Review any errors occur again…
  • Switch on to the control panel “add/remove” and delete Adware.
  • Delete all ActiveX controls, browser cache, cookies, temporary files, history and even recent documents.
  • Empty the Recycle bin
  • Set firewall program and run the program
  • Logon to internet and scan hard disk for any virus
  • At last reboot the system and check anything you missed.

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