Ultimate Graphic Design Trends of 2016

Some Graphic design trends emerge and stay for years, while others are flashy and fade out soon. Usually aesthetic designs flourish and become popular in a short period and gradually fizz out without much attention. It’s a great idea to imbue your work with fresh innovative ideas. The Graphic designs are influenced by technology, fashion, culture and media and also other industries. While forecasting the trends is normally tricky, designers have forecasted some trends that are likely to excel in 2016. This blog will focus on those trends that are empowering the graphic design space.

Modish Retro is in:

Retro style is back! Modern retro style is influenced by collections from recent decades, the late 80s through 90s. This style is encompassed with video games, early PCs, bold colors and pixel arts.

Flat 2.0:

The flat design is categorized by a colorful, clean look, subtle gradients and big typography. Established in 2006 with Zune mp3 player, in 2014 was later refined by Google’s Material design. It’s highly influenced by Swiss Style, Bauhaus and minimalism. Flat design can be easily combined with or hand drawn photography, which makes this trend very flexible.

Really Big Typography:

For making statement typography are essential! By employing extremes, you can deliver your message powerfully. Letter stacking, bold statements and playful sans-serif typefaces will be the center of attention and possibly we will see a return of Serif. We will see more adoption of more loud and lively handwritten fonts in 2016.

Handmade Typeface:

To communicate your brands personality, handmade logos can be very helpful. Handmade elements and font sets will be more apparent in logo design. This trend is gradually gaining importance and has been used vividly in several companies’ logos.


The geometric design trend continues in 2016. Simply placing the geometric text over an animated background can be very cool. Geometric shapes consisting of straight lines and curves have low bandwidth consumption and can be used to build visual identity.

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