The Need for Web Analytics & Tracking in Digital Marketing

Realizing the massive power of internet, most of them have opened online outlets to promote their business products and services. With the advent of smart phones & tablets, the usage of internet has increased enormously. Thereby most of the companies and organizations have gone mobile to reach millions of potential mobile users. E-commerce businesses also became a big hit with high return on investment by meeting the client’s requirements on time, every time. Hence the competition increased in ecommerce and online businesses due to high-end profit.

As the competition increases, there arises the need to track and analyze the business products and services on web to lead the way with high return on investment (ROI). The major reason to have web analytics & tracking is to boost up the sales and services based on region, and the requirements of the end-users.

After a complete analysis of the website’s user behavior, decisions are made to implement an effective strategy to reach more number of potential end-users. By implementing web analytics, we can track and monitor,

– By how the customers get to know about our products/ services
– The search terms used by the users
– The most visited page by the users
– The least visited page
– The number of visits that turns in to conversations, etc

Moreover, we can even get you the reports of the behavioral analysis of your website visitors, with which any required modifications can be done that your website visitors have always been looking for. The installing may be simple but for the set up and effective maintenance of the web analytics, well trained professionals are required. The process is incorporates,

– Understanding the client’s website objectives (e.g., lead generation, content, customer support, sales)
– Defining the strategic goals (buying an item, downloading a PDF, filling in a form)
– Setting up key performance indicators to measure the success of marketing campaigns over time
– Creating Analytics profiles on Google/ Yahoo/Bing or any other tools
– Setting up of Analytics tracking code
– Setting up of conversion Goals on Analytics
– Setting up of Filters on Analytics to customize the reports
– Tagging of marketing campaigns
– Designing Analytics Dashboard with the most valuable reports


Google analytics is said to be the worth for its pricing and outstanding that provides ongoing reports and analysis of the website traffic statistics and web marketing campaigns (e.g., pay per click advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), banner advertising, e-mail marketing). Thus web analytics are mean to scale up the business online with futuristic approach.

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