Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends to Lookout in 2018

A lot is expected to happen this year in Digital Marketing. So in this blog, we have laid down some top powerful trends that is expected to take over the digital landscape this year! So it’s the right time to embrace them into your marketing strategy.

  • Video Marketing

Though video marketing isn’t new in the digital world, people will witness a marked increase in its usage. Like every year, social video engagement will sky high – with nearly 13% of web traffic coming from live videos, the live videos will continue to roar in all social media channels helping businesses to connect with their audiences.

This year you gotta think about videos in a different way, with more users accessing the world wide web using their mobiles and tablets, this year you will get to see more videos being generated in vertical terms.

  • Community Marketing

To engage your audience in an active way and to stimulate customer conversation, many online marketers are beginning to take advantage of a new strategy – Community marketing. This marketing involves business or brand discussion with groups and communities having individuals focused on a single facet.

Why this Marketing for your Business?

  • Several high-end brands were built through community based marketing.

  • Creates a powerful impact in getting closer to your existing customers.

  • Connect prospects with your business.

Depending on your product or service, you will be able to leverage digital communities like Slack channels, Linkedin groups and subreddits for your business.

  • Customer Based Marketing

Retaining existing business relationship with clients using customer-based marketing will become quite real in 2018. Begin by identifying your company’s target customers and build a strategy representing the ways to reach and engage them. To make this marketing strategy successful for your business this year, gather your customers data on a regular basis to create one to one customer campaigns. Using your customer data, you can also identify opportunities to expand your brand footprint across the world.

Take advantage of these trends to stay ahead of your competitors in the digital marketing landscape. All the best!

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