A Significant Aspect Of Web Portal In School And Colleges

Our say on molding an “E-Commerce web portal”:

In present scenario our Educational structure is highly fluctuating and Challenging, it greatly involves massive interactions between college, pupil and the staffs to make finest use of the available possessions.

This is a web portal maintained by the college that can be viewed by anyone visiting the website.

“To grow yourself, start from knowing yourself”


State Of The Art Online Environment

Cuts down your day to day task and makes it extremely easier by directly interacting with students.

tick Gives Briefing and Revelations.

tick Distributes documents and class notes.

tick Respond to students queries

Target Audience For Online College Portal

One thing you need to keep in your mind while writing a college portal is that the group of people whom the writing is intended to reach.

College Portal Viewers

tick School final year students who are planning to join top universities.

tick Students from our very own college, faculties and parents are also our regular viewers.

tick College’s Alumni pupil and their kith and kin.

Our College’s Position And Experience Among Other Institutions:

A high ranking indicates that our university is an elite educational organization that attracts a diverse set of high-achieving students that in turn provides a high return on their Educational investment.

choosing the web portal

About Us:

Ours is an arts and science based university established in the early 90’s and ranked as one of the world’s best universities amongst its rivals.


With more than 100 courses in 25 academic departments our requirements are most rigorous. Our faculty includes PHD scholars, post graduates and a field’s medal recipient.


Pursuing a degree in our university provides a brilliant scope of academic acquaintance for producing world renowned graduates.

Campus Life:

This section offers regulations that enhance your life and impact your future along with extracurricular opportunities, to life in the residential colleges and health and safety issues.

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Students Life:

Enriched with state-of-art facilities and offers a supportive and a caring campus for you to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

Student Blogs:

Although there are tons of papers, projects, and finals that pile up at the end of the semester, there are also things to look forward, to know more about our university bump into our students’ uncut and uncensored blogs.


The unique feature of our institution is that we annually award scholarship to our student’s to encourage merit and students from all economic strata which includes scholarships for Legacy, merit, post graduate, sports.

staff portal


We gear up our students with right skills and personality to meet the industry standards to attract best from the industry to our campus.

The objectives of Placement & Training cell are manifold, they include:

tick Honing the student’s Technical knowledge and finesse to meet the industry recruitment process.

tick Encourage students to build their inter personal skills in terms of career planning, goal setting and re-skilling which will stand them in good position even after grabbing the job.

tick To provoke and inspire students for pursuing higher education and guiding them to take competitive exams such as CAT , IELTS , TOFEL etc…

tick Highly focused on placing the utmost number of students through campus & off-campus interviews conducted by the top most companies.

The Arts:

“The creation of beauty is art”

Here is where your imagination strikes and creation begins, our school of arts and architecture provides an excellent avenue to our students for shaping up their career by providing world class experience.

Health System:

We are offering global standards and one of the premier providers of an excellent health system; we own world renowned doctors and physicians with outstanding medical facilities.

“It is the Health that is the real wealth”


education portal


This section provides daily happenings that take place in our premises that includes calendar events, alumni association travel, Summer College and so on.


The assimilation of sports into academic life builds bonds between the faculties and students and courage to win with respect for rules.

Our Alumni:

We are over 100,000 in number and you are a proud member of this elite group, it helps you stay connected and involved with our university.

Parents and Families:

We believe that an informed and supportive family plays a major role in student’s academic achievements. If you are thinking to send you child to our university , then you are at the rite destination.

Directorship and Strategy:

Our university delivers world-class training to our students and accomplishes college’s core responsibility: education, development and training.

Research and Innovation:

Research and innovation plays a major role in today’s world, our university is provided with excellent resources for staff, Business class research office and A to Z research groups and centers.

Be Inspired:

Our people share views, knowledge and technology to find answers to the big scientific questions and tackle global challenges.

student portal

College Magazine:

Our college magazine is known for its envisioned contents written by our very own students themselves, it provides an insider view on everything that includes upcoming local events to students who are succeeding in unusual ways.

Virtual Tour of our Campus:

A new online tour of our college provides an online user friendly interactive experience, but with even more information that makes you feel almost like being there.


Now we can conclusively say that Online “E-commerce Web Portal” is filled with tools for managing student experience that offers the same great outstanding content and features with lots more added to the portal every day. Henceforth the portal website that you are molding must definitely meet all the requirements satisfactorily.

In that case, we, at Blazedream furnish all the necessary features that your website must have. Our concern encompasses a best e commerce Portal development company in India that suits your customers comfortable in all way.

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