HTML5 – The Technology Changing the Web

HTML5 – it is the next revitalized version of HTML 4.01 that was being developed for the core markup language of the World Wide Web. It is becoming a powerful tool in building a website as it works on “Write-Once-Run-Anywhere” methodology with high end flexibility, mobility and security.


Key Factors of HTML5

– Improved Error Handling

– Scripting is replaced by mark up texts

– External plug-in (like FLASH) can be removed for improved functioning

– Upcoming features should be based on HTML, CSS, DOM and Java Script

– It should be a device independent


Extraordinary Aspects of HTML 5

HTML5 introduces number of new API’s, exceptional features like structural elements and attributes, and few other semantic elements headers, footers, menus, sections and articles provides an easy way to make up the web contents. It also supports storage, cross browser and cross device compatibility, SEO and browsing. Some of the features of HTML5 are listed below,

– The <canvas> element for 2D drawing

– The <video> and <audio> elements for media playback

– Supports local storage

– New content-specific elements such as <article>, <footer>, <header>, <nav>, <section>

– New form controls, such as calendar, date, time, email, Url, search

Cross-Browser Compatibility

All major browsers (like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer) has included the HTML5 features in their latest upgraded versions.


Web applications & Offline storage

Web application using HTML5 is made easier than ever before by using ,– Local data storage

– Local file access

– Local SQL database

– Application cache

– Java scripts

The offline capability lets you browse through the previous data by staying offline. This factor is considered as one of the major advantages of HTML5.

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