Top Social Media Tools Dominating the Digital World

Is it possible to improve the way of communicating between a group of people carrying out social media activities? The answer is almost yes.

Generally speaking all social networks – Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter provide their users with simple data pertaining to number of followers, fans and the coverage of their post or tweet; and a little complex ones such as the demographic distribution of the their fans and their actions on a specific page. However a simple analysis of such data might not be useful in all circumstances.

There are several tools out there, that are specifically designed to provide users with integral indications and improve one’s social strategy!
Here we have listed some of these tools that can help you make your way to work more efficient.


By implementing Buffer, you can publish contents on different platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked-In on various times. Though the free version allows a single account to publish 10 posts per platform, in the paid version you can find multiple accounts, schedule posts and integrate RSS feeds. It comes along with interesting features like graphics tool – Pablo and integrated link shorteners.



Twitonomy is yet another powerful analytics tools that provide data, insights and analysis on Twitter. With this amazing tool you can get an in-depth views of the mentions analytics, retweets analytics, tweets analytics, favorites analytics, list analytics, users analytics, following and followers analytics, for your business’s Twitter account. Additionally we also recommend you to use Twtrland to supplement the information provided by Twitonomy.



Hootsuite is one of the most dominant social media tool and it has earned a lot of subscribers due to the versatility and richness of its functions. If you wish to manage more than five profiles with Hootsuite, then it becomes mandatory for you to purchase the professional version, which will permit you to add an unlimited number of accounts.



With Datalytics you can monitor all metrics needed to improve brand reputation and social media engagement. It has also integrated a tool, which makes it easy to create interrupting widgets and inforgraphics. Similar to other tools discussed earlier you can keep track of a lot of things with Datalytics such as unique users – the total of unique accounts, total potential number of users reached, the total views obtained and number of comments.
By implementing these tools you can organize your tasks and timelines in a perfect and effective way.


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