Going from Good to Great – An Online Performance Survey Management Tool

“Good time of a company comes only with the committed employees.”

Either a start up, medium or large size business, effective employees play an essential role for persistent growth of the company. To take up the organization to the next vertical, it is highly significant to review the performance of each and every employee from top level management to the least. The performance review is not only to pin point the back logs of the particular employee but also to support the one with all means to come out with flying colors. The task gets tougher when the concern is big or to evaluate across the divisions, regions, countries of the same company.


Thus BlazeDream provides an Online Performance Survey Management Tool’ to evaluate the performance of an individual or a team across any division, region or country of the business organization. BlazeDream being a pioneer web solutions company, render best in class solutions with futuristic approach focusing the unique requirements of the global clients from diverse domain industries.


Performance Survey Management Tool bestows the supremacy to discover the legitimate performance level of the employees of the organization who are considered to be the biggest source of any organization to boost up the ROI of the company.
The survey tool is an exclusive solution for any mid or large size organizations or company with number of branches across the specific region/ country or world.


Apart from the employers and the trainees of the concern, any employee can be rated under various factors using the tool. The tool can be used to conduct survey either annually, half- yearly or even periodically to monitor the performance of the employees. The Questionnaire of the survey will be structured with high standard such that to evaluate the performance of the individual/ team in various dimensions and categories.


The survey can be displayed in a regional or national language of any country.


The survey can be monitored by any number of admin by hierarchy and according to the concerned organization; the power to manage the online survey can be given to any number of roles (admin)
As denoted earlier, comprehensive performance of any employee/ team can be analyzed using the survey tool. The present performance level can be compared with the performance level of the previous year. The overall performance, leads and lags of any individual/ team/ region/ division/ country can be compared with any other in the organization.

Survey questionnaires can be framed that depicts the methodologies, strategies, functionalities and work flow of the concerned organization. Thus highly qualified and effectual developers at Blaze Dream provide customized solutions that perfectly fit the unique requirements of the global clients.

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