A Chance to Encounter with Yii Framework

What is Yii Framework?

Yii is a high performance, robust, feature rich PHP framework, it was developed in order to overcome some drawbacks of PRADO framework, where Yii promotes clean, DRY design, and supports rapid development.

yii framework

The Yii framework also suggests wide varieties of capabilities that allow you to quickly and easily write optimized web applications and most importantly, Yii also offers excellent documentation and a supportive community.

Yii is the best choice for any sized project, with tools to help, test and debug the application and has clear and comprehensive documentation.

WHY use Yii??

Yii uses “lazy loading technique” where it calls classes and objects only when needed and helps in faster loading that increases its efficiency manifold.

It uses robust layered caching support, where it is cleanly integrated with AJAX that helps to improve the reliability of Yii.

why yii framework

It provides a perfect separation of business rules, logic and presentation using MVC paradigm.

Yii Best for E-Commerce System:

Yii is a perfect platform that provides you with optimum results and desired performance, this framework is best for developing Web 2.0 applications.

It provides you with best security system which includes module based authentication, where security is one of the prime features of any E-commerce system.

yii framework e commerce


If you are eager to develop an e-commerce system, then Yii framework would be the right choice to go with beyond just the performance, security and stability, where Yii is malleable, extensible, efficiently active and modular.

Yii is carefully designed to work well with third-party code.

Salient features of Yii:

features of yii


tick-mark Yii consist of built-in features such as form input , validation, AJAX support and role based access control authentication.

tick-mark Yii speeds up your app’s using its built-in code generation tool Gii and offers a variety of free, open source plug-ins and widgets.

tick-mark A high performance background tasks can be built in PHP using Yii, by running it from command line or as a daemon.

tick-mark It’s easy to use Zend or PEAR features in Yii, and also makes use of mechanisms like SQL injection, CSRF, XSS and many more.

tick-mark Yii’s theming options such as the Bootstrap extension gives a great look to your apps where it offers a variety of free open source plug-ins and widgets.


Yii comes with a collection of official documentation that guides you to develop a simple blog application and gives a detailed description of every feature and a class reference that provides you information about properties, methods and events.

What’s New??

Yii 2.0.4 is released:

The latest version of Yii 2 is 2.0.4, released on May 10, 2015. Yii 2.0 is a complete rewrite of Yii on top of PHP 5.4.0. It is aimed to become a state-of-the-art of the new generation of PHP framework. Yii 2.0 is not compatible with 1.1.

yii framework business


Advantages of using Yii to your business:

tick-mark Yii can be installed and configured as quickly and easily as possible, Yii does not tend to succumb under pressure like any other web development platforms.

tick-mark Yii framework handles heavy traffic with ease and it is designed to expand its cache in layers.

tick-mark Yii is an extensible tool that expands as per the customer requirement and meets the business needs.

tick-mark Yii makes e-commerce system better because of its extensibility, error handling, and security techniques.


This is just a sneak peek into the benefits of Yii framework, it’s a perfect platform for creating web apps and it greatly helps developers with its extensive features.

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