Useful Tips to Write for the Web

Get the attention
The title should be eye catching & descriptive. Grab the attention of the readers. Tell the readers what they would get out of this post. Use keywords, hyperlinks and make them bold which serves as a good highlight for the readers.

Get to the Point
Make it brief, make it short.
Write an article that is more precise & want the user exactly want. Don’t confuse the user with too much of content; make it brief and short & sweet. You can state your point and conclude with a brief summary of the article.

Space matters
Try to distribute the content eventually with required space, phrases, Para limit and so on. Content in awful lumps would turn off the reader. Create more space, have distinct paragraphs with bullets and highlight them by bolding, hyperlinks and so on.

Think of her/him all the time
Put yourself into the shoes of the reader. Just think what they want, whether they really need the article or want to know about it. Remember, just you have to capture their attention and keep them tightly with you.

Be honest with who you are
The readers should have to know what they are reading, from whom they are reading and how much they should trust what they are reading. The author can leave a byline or even include details about them in their blog or websites.

Speak in a common language
Speak in a common language, unless the acronyms are widely used, don’t prefer that idea. Always use words that users know and make your article simple instead of complicate.

Write as though you are talking to them
Get personal. The article written should be in such a way that the author is speaking with the user. Don’t write a story, create a reliable & informative article for the user.

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