Useful Web Application Interface Techniques-II

User cum Search Engine Unfriendly Empty Web Pages
When a web application is designed, it’s not only important to test it with sample data, but also to ensure that it looks good and more helpful. If the web page contains no information or query, a helpful message telling the user how to start through the empty space. For instance, in a PM application home page, it should the project details, but if not projects added, the user can provide a link to project creation page.

This type of techniques helps the user to try the service and proceed directly using the service after registration. Guiding the user with simple steps of application will help them to understand what advantages the application offers and whether it is useful or not. It is always important to present the most important options to the users with a kind message or note directing them to page required.

Pressed button states
Most of the applications have custom style buttons which are anchors or input buttons having custom images assigned as a background. Sometimes default input button does not suit the link and even the text link looks subtle. When the user makes the link looking like a button, they should act like buttons and this includes having pressed look when the user clicks on them. Getting instant feedback makes the web application feel more responsive and closer experience on desktop applications.

Using CSS, the pressed button can be created. (Exp) if the anchor has the class add_task_button, it can be styled in active class by targeting add_task_button:active.

Link to the sign-up page from the log-in page
Users who not yet signed up the application will certainly land up to the logon page. Sometimes, they like to try out the application, but they find difficult to land up in the registration page. To make easier for people, place the registration link on the log-in page.

Context-sensitive navigation
The webmaster should always think about the user expectation and their need in the web page. It is not necessary to display the same navigation controls everywhere.

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