Web Application Development

Over several decades, the web has been incorporated by millions of businesses as an economical way to communicate and exchange information with customers. Web Application Development process are standards and procedures of developing web applications. There are several phases or stages of developing a web application. Website applications in the form of enquiry, submit fields, shopping carts, and login forms allow the data to be stored, processed and also transmitted.

Web applications can be deployed very easily anywhere without any installation and moreover it can perform its function independent of the web browsers running in the client side and the absence of operating system. They are actually programs that allow visitors to submit and retrieve data from a database via the Internet using their preferred web browser.

  • Business Model Identification
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Technical Proposed and Review
  • Application Development
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • Deployment and Training
  • Maintenance and Support

Business Model Identification

Majority of business model researchers use a collection of questions in their models, some of them are:

  • Who is the target customer?
  • What need is met for the targeted customers?
  • How will the business be benefited?
  • How to reach and acquire customers?

The customer relationships, customer segments, business requirements, key activities of the project and cost structure are discussed during this stage.

Business Process Analysis

Upon successful completion of gathering the project requirements, the software to be developed is analyzed technically to determine solutions to business problems. The solutions may include process improvement, policy development and strategic planning.

Technical Proposed and Review

In this phase, several mock-ups and wire frames are created to visualize whether the proposed software would meet the customers’ requirements. Next the most efficient way to implement these mock-ups and wire frames into the actual project is decided. Additionally short-term goals are also set.

Application Development

During this stage the programmers actually write down the program coding of the project.  The creation of database for the website is included in this stage to implement the functionality of the application.

Monitoring and Analysis

Integration and testing is an integral phase of any web application development.  This stage concentrates in determining the defects of the software at the earliest.

Deployment and Training

An integral part of the deployment phase is to have training classes for the most significant software users and incorporating the new software in the organization. This way users will encounter many questions and software problems and counteract it before deploying the software to the end user.

Maintenance and Support

Maintaining and also enhancing the new software to cope with the discovered problems can take much time than the initial development of the software itself. About 60% of all software engineering work is maintenance, but for many this might seem to be misleading.

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