The Progression Of A Web Design

The web today is a growing universe, can you believe that the first website is 20 years old which was published in early 90’s. It has evolved, and it’s better than ever that includes interlinked web pages and web apps, teeming with videos, photos and interactive content.

Developing Web Design


As the time progress, web technologies have evolved to give techies the ability to create and make use of extensive web experiences.

The Birth of the World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee took the first step of creating the browser in 1990’s and then the World Wide Web was born, where infographic is a peek at the evolutionary tale of web design, which is ironically still in its infant stages.

It was the beginning of a new era, where there were no images, just reams of text that was transmitted across the world, while design was not at the heart of websites.

World wide web


Onfall of mid-1990s, entering into the new millennium, the tide turned for web development and design, esthetics were beginning to take prominence.

Within the websites layout images, animations and buttons were present. With this tangled nature came a need for companies who solely specialized in the creation of websites.

Going into the New Millennium

In the year 2000 web businesses faced a massive decline, but this wasn’t for long, the design standards were raised once more in 2004 where web developers and designers could edit their online creations with ease. And so, complexity alongside design becomes dominant once more.

2004 & Beyond

Web 2.0 was developed in the year 2004 and this ensured that websites were bigger and better than ever before.

Web designs were setting trend in the Internet, everything became more functional, but websites also became more pleasing and alluring to the viewers.

Web 2.0

Apart from this, websites also was in need of systems integration, which resulted in social media and other sites working in collaboration with one another. Accessibility also became an important factor and with the progress of WordPress and other blogging sites, everyone could have an easy-to-use website of their own.

Mobile Internet

When Apple launched the iPhone, they reformed the internet usage and the design of websites.

Since Internet has reformed the computer and communications environment like nothing before and with everyone having the internet at their fingertips, there came a need for mobile websites.

Mobile Internet


The evolution of web design resulted in responsive design, where web design incorporates many different services and development in the production and maintenance of websites. Websites have become a huge commercial and it seems that with the advent of mobile internet, more and more people want readily available information.

There raises the most important question “What will become the most important trends for 2015 and onwards?”

Social Media and Web Design

With the advent of the social media, people now are more informed, this makes reaching out to them a tough yet a very important and possible job.

Social media web design


It is through social media that people are now more insistent about themselves and their ideas than ever before.

On the internet, creating an online identity through social media makes for rapid progression into different markets that is where we showcase our expertise and experience in building healthy relations and not just a website, you become an online identity.

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