Spectacular Web Apps For Seamless Interaction

Despite continuing online hype and increasing internet usage, many companies still disturb their customers with outdated Internet appearances. Modern online appearances are a long-term image investment that not only has a positive impact on your clientele, but also acquires new business.

Whether it’s a large business website or a medium-sized homepage – balance your online deficit with an individually programmed, mobile-capable and modern website that meets your company’s requirements. All online platforms are developed on the basis of the most modern and well-known editorial systems, which are selected according to your requirements.


The all-rounder for size S to M

With over 60% market share, WordPress is the most popular and widely distributed editorial system for websites. It offers a variety of customization options, a wide range of special website extensions and is also even for a layman in the administration intuitive and user-friendly. WordPress websites are suitable for small to medium-sized businesses that rely on easy handling with high quality results.


  • Worldwide most used editorial system

  • Fast installation & update

  • User-friendly interface and easy operation

  • Cost-saving customization through themes

  • Any extension of functionality through plug-ins

  • Fast results & project implementation


The powerful enterprise solution

For multi-national business websites with sophisticated page layout and high editorial rights requirements, Typo3 is the professional Content Management solution designed for complex structures, multilingualism and distributed editorial teams. Typo3 websites are powerful, but require more expertise in administration and are more sophisticated in development.


  • High system load capacity & safety

  • Maturity system for teams

  • Interfaces to ERP and CRM systems

  • Central control of multilingual content

  • Central multi-site management

  • Sophisticated workflow management in administration


An e-commerce darling

Magento offers a multitude of possibilities and functionalities for online shop operators: Open interfaces enable the connection to merchandise management systems, editorial systems of Typo3 websites or to central product databases. There are hardly any limits to the features, attributes, categories or variants in Magento product management so that any type of article can be distributed in the online shop. Without restrictions on the functionalities, the Magento shop can be customized and adapted to the optical requirements.


  • Flexible individualization through modular design

  • High scalability through multishop capability

  • Interfaces to merchandise management and editorial systems

  • Professional e-commerce features for SEO

  • Many marketing, promotion and social commerce features

  • Extensive category, attribute & expression system

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