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Zend is a part of PHP Framework family. Zend is implemented in PHP 5 as an open source, object-oriented web application framework. PHP is the most popular server side scripting language used for web development therefore this also aided in the popularity of Zend framework.

Zend Technologies


The major advantages include:

Zend Framework Developers Zend is quiet easy to handle.

Zend Framework Developers Development and code maintenance is easy as it requires very less coding work.

Zend Framework Developers Its fast application development feature allows the user to directly develop their client project structure.

Zend Framework Developers The enhanced PHP application ensures more productivity work.

Zend Framework DevelopersIt is very much flexible, where it easy to learn as well flexible too.

Zend Framework DevelopersHelps to analyze, find and solve problems quickly.


Zend framework applications


The entire web development process is made easy with Zend framework, it is quiet impossible to make a successful project without a dedicated Zend developer. Zend technology provides a PHP stack which is optimized for running Zend framework applications.

The Zend framework has been issued the license by the OSI or Open source initiative. It has also been approved by the latest BSD license, Zend Framework has been corporate sponsored by Zend Technologies which was discovered by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski who are the Core Contributors in the development of PHP Zend Framework.

The enhanced PHP Zend Framework features are supports multiple databases, supports PHP 5 and other advanced versions, a rich library and its Model-View-Controller design, it provides improved performance for PHP and especially Zend Framework applications, one of other features that laid to simple web development are formats, session management, authentication, search core infrastructure. These have allowed the end-user to flexibly handle and keep up websites on an easy note.

Zend Technology Partners includes :

“Microsoft, IBM, Rackspace, Nirvanix, and GoGrid along with the Zend Framework community to develop a common API to cloud application services called the Simple Cloud API.”


Web application development


Today, Web application development projects in every sector, ranging from hospitality and healthcare to education and travel, are usually done with Zend development framework and others, like the PHP based Symfony development framework, Since its arrival Zend framework has been popular and has been the developer’s friend. Due its popularity and its potential to deliver the desired results Zend Technologies have come up with more advanced version in Zend Framework.

There is no so much fuss about extra maintenance and extensive coding efforts when you use the Zend framework, Zend framework has been successful in helping to build higher development standards.

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