Web Portal Vs Website

Web portal is a vehicle by which a user gains an access of driving broad array of resources, while a website is a destination in itself.

Portals and websites are distinct entities which often overlap and complement each other. A web portal and website should be strongly linked together, but they should not replace each other. Website represents an organization to outside world, but a portal provides multiple user roles with a common access point.

A website is also a portal, if it broadcast information from different independent resources, thus offering a public service function to visitors.

Web Portal

Web portal refers to a website or service that offers broad array of resources and services such as email, forums, search engines and online shopping malls. It’s an organized gateway that helps to configure the access to information found on the internet. Web portal applications offers consistent look and feel with access control & procedures for multiple applications and databases. Some of the web portals are AOL, iGoogle, Yahoo and even more.

Typical Portal Attributes

  • Web portal is a Public & Private Interface (extranet, intranet, etc…)
  • Offers Access for Multiple User Roles
  • Personalization / Role specific functionality & content
  • Endowed with Versatile / Enhanced functionality & flexibility
  • The user can access to broad resources
  • Supports the user in multiple task
  • Offers content from diverse resources
  • Spans content, collaboration and ecommerce
  • Extensive & unfocused content can be created to accommodate unidentified users needs.
  • Searchable but not customizable, the content are created for every user.


A website refers to a location on the internet and a collection of web pages, images, videos which are addressed relative to a common Uniform Resource Location (URL). It’s nothing but a domain name hosted on a server which is accessible via a network called internet or private local area network. Owning a website becomes an essential part for any businesses and company with no web presence is just running the risk of losing the business opportunities.

Typical Website Attributes

  • It’s a Public Interface
  • Supports the user in specific task (marketing or ecommerce)
  • Provides targeted content from independent resources to specific audience
  • Content is generally focused, eliminates the need of visiting different sites
  • Select & organize the materials needed to be accessed
  • Establish your presence in online global market
  • Reach the targeted audience

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