Instant Overview of Tab Candy Features

Instant Overview – Never lose tabs
The Tap Option-Space on Mac or Control-Space on windows is used to zoom out and see thumbnails of all open tabs. To zoom in back, click once again. It’s a quick way of searching one tab you need with work research or directions to the restaurants.

Lightweight Grouping
Drag two tabs together to create a group of related tabs together. Even the user can name the groups of all videos, research, social networking sites or whatever it might be. If the user needs to create a group from one tab, just click and drag to create another. The tabs can be rearranged and dragged from anywhere inside a group or between the groups. Right now there is no automatic grouping available, but the feature is working on.

Only the Tabs You Want
When the user goes to a tab in the group, they can see only the tabs from that group of tab strip. It means that the user can focus on the task they are doing. The work tabs stays and the user can play tabs with clean tab bar.

Organize Your Space
Tab candy helps the user to organize the space. Tab candy is not just the ability to move tabs, but also to move groups that fits the user requirements. Make the group with the calendar and email bigger, so that the user can see what’s new just by zooming out to tab candy. Hide the group with distractions in corner and keep things to read in a long vertical list. Still, there are lots of user experience changes and bugs to fix.

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