Google Design – Update of New Search

An intro to Google search has been made this week. The new Google search is endorsed with powerful technology, snappy results, simplicity and fun and quirky personality. To enhance the rapid search result, the engineer’s teams are striving hard across Google to develop new ways to present and refine. They are planning how to squeeze all the tools and technologies into a single page.

A general mode for expanding the flexibility of a website is to create links on left hand panel, often referred by designers as “left hand nav”. Google tried different mocks of left hand panels and tested the design with users during 2006. Providing a great way for getting navigated from the main content and creating distraction, they decided to create a powerful tool that looks simple and quicker.

As a first step, search options panel has been introduced last may including toggles to open and close. After a continued study from search options, designers, researchers and engineers to explore vast array of possibilities for a permanent open panel of search tools, they made it. At last, the web design team becomes more successful in launching the Google search with dynamic and relevant search tools on the left. Also, lightening and updating the aesthetics all around is available. Here’s a picture of the Search Options panel (left) and our new results page (right):

Adding the left hand panel would hardly add some weight to the result page. So number of factors considered to lighten the aspects of the design. The redesign of Google logo was started by the design team. An image illustrating the old logo (top) with new logo (bottom).

The new logo looks lighter, brighter and simple. The best quality of design, personality and playfulness has preferred for logo. It is the foundation for new icons, hundreds of tiny alterations, integration of the expanded functionality on the left hand panel. Here’s a picture of the old footer (top) compared with the new (bottom):

The Google team is happy regarding the latest improvements made by the designer team. Additional testing refinements will also be continued for better search results.

Some of the design prototypes they tried,

  • Blue Homepage – Google usually have a strong affinity for blue, so it becomes the basis for many designs.
  • Blue Button – At the first external experiment, the big blue button was rejected by the users. So, it was changed in the next attempt.
  • Universal Bars – The design highlights different types of results with labeled blocks in the main results pane such as books, news and shopping.
  • Blue Results – It is the final blue design created and marks the point which renames the “Web” link to “Everything”.

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