Creative Writing For A Logo Design

Registering a domain without starting a web design or web development becomes big easy nowadays. Are you looking for a web designer to start a search engine cum user friendly web design for your website! Be hassle-free. The first important thing to do is to write a detailed design brief to the designer stating about the website core business, products and services and its overall flexibilities towards market.

To help you to get started, we have given some points to write a graphic design brief to the graphic designer.

Corporate Profile
Provide clear corporate profile information to the designer to make them aware of your company products and services. Without the companies corporate profile, the assumption of the graphic designer may sometime result wrongly. So always provide a summary of the current business, its history and financial status to the designer.

Company’s Market Position
Provide a rational appraisal of the company, products, services, or brand relative to the competition’s performance.

Need of design project
Make sure for what reason the project design is initiated. For ex, any changes or new launch of products or services arise the need for advertising.

Previous marketing and communication materials
Mention the information regarding the previous and current communication materials used for the project like advertising, mailers, graphic/logo design, public relations etc.

Key message
It means that the specific theme conveyed through the design project. It includes text, logos, graphics and images.

Target market/clients
Specify the market which has been concentrated. Mention the demographics like age, gender, income, employment, geography and lifestyle of those the product is to be reached.

Focus on the objective for the reason you have created the logo design/web design. Be specific and observe the results.

Clearly mention about the budget to get the right designer for the project.

Schedules and deadline
Give a clear estimate to the graphic or logo designer about the realistic schedule of deadlines for the projects to make it done on time.

Consider the following, while creating:

  • Consultation (research, strategy, brief development)
  • Creative (concept and design development)
  • Production (artwork, printing and other production)
  • Delivery

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