How to Add Google Maps to Web Page

It’s easy to add maps in the website using Google maps. Just a physical location or address is enough to add the Google map. But adding map is not just like adding an image, it requires some of the features to add. Here a couple of tips are provided for users to add Google maps to the web page.

Step 1

In order to add Google map to the site, at first Google Maps API key is required for the site. It allows the user to embed the maps into the web page and provide with the terms and services for using the API key.

Things to know before signing up an API key

  • The user should have a Google account to get an API key. And then the key will be attached to the account.
  • For page views, there is no limit
  • There is no limit for the page views generated using Maps API
  • Currently, it does not contain any advertising, but if changes made it will be received as 90 days notice via Google announcement lists.
  • The services must be freely available for the end users
  • The user should not alter the logos or attribution on the map

Step 2

If Google maps are to be added to the web page, the user requires an address for the map location with longitude & latitude coordinates. It is provided with standard GPS, but the easiest way to convert the address to coordinates it to use Google maps itself.

  • Try to add your company address in the Google map URL. Best, replace all spaces with plus (+) character.
    • (For eg) –,+Chennai,+TN+10018,+India»&output=csv&oe=utf8&sensor=false
  • Paste the entire URL into the browser. Then it will generate a code.

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