Tip For Website Maintenance

Content is the king for a website, so refresh the website with new quality content on a regular basis. Content includes text, images and links. Do daily or weekly updates to make your site more impressive and informative for users & search engines. Post new entries, articles and blogs by capturing user imagination and results in comments and visits. Websites policies, terms and conditions pages should be updated to keep up with the current privacy laws and regulations.

Check Browser Compatibility
Check your website with cross browser compatibility on multiple browsers in a single machine by validating the pages and debugging the errors. The check includes:

  • HTML tags and attributes functioning correctly on all browsers
  • CSS features
  • JavaScript
  • Image formats not supported by all browsers
  • DOCTYPEs that trigger quirks mode

The checks will be made on different platforms and browser combinations. The website should work on all browsers.

Check for Broken Links
Broken links are links that refers to pages that are found not available when requested during a site analysis. Broken link points to a file that no longer exist. Try to avoid broken links in the site which makes the end-users to navigate the web page. Reduced broken links helps to improve the readability.

Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly
A webmaster should design and develop a website that is more users friendly. A user friendly website can otherwise be called as search engine friendly site.  A well structured, W3C complaint, pixel perfect code will make the website search engine friendly. Onpage factors like Meta data updating of descriptions, title tag and keywords helps to optimize and rank the page on search engines.

Link Checking
If the website has outbound links, it should be checked regularly whether the URL on the destination website has changed.

Analytics & Speed
Speed of the website is the important factor to be considered by the webmaster. A page should load very fastly, so that the end -users never navigate from the existing web page. check whether the analytics are working properly.

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