Why Animation on the Web?

Everything in nature moves and Animation is nothing but change and motion. It is a powerful tool that allows you to create stunning interactive contents. It can simply be a great decoration. Animations had appeared in web quite some time back but today many websites are embracing animation to make their website livelier. It significantly brings in more life into your website designing  and it seems to be a good inclusion to many website elements.

Animations that appeared earlier were simple .gif files that consist of pictures and video clips moving around the frame. How can we forget Flash games-The best thing that happened in 90’s! Earlier it was used for just entertainment but today they can effectively improve your website layout and navigation. The following blog illustrates the reasons why you should employ animations to benefit your website.

Page Load:

Lightweight coding’s like Cascading Style Sheet, JavaScript and Html 5 coding’s are used to create moving elements and other advanced features for the website. These languages are needed to add any sort of animation or interactivity to your website. So you need not worry about your page load while embracing animations.

Interactive Content:

People were constant looking out for ways to create better and newer animations for their websites. JavaScript-based animations were used for creating drop down menus and navigational elements and since they seemed to be more SEO friendly many still employ this technique for designing their web elements.

Increase Usability:

The core rule for using animation is increase the usability! Simple animations can act as a guide for instructing visitors where to go next,highlighting that a particular element is clickable, which button to click or efficiently direct them to a call-to-action.

Animation elements can quickly draw attention to tour web visitors and can additionally provide some type of functionality into your design layout. If you are lacking visitors, delve into animations to provide better user experience.

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