Yahoo! Email Expands Social Networks

Yahoo! is cautiously expanding Twitter like social networking features to avoid privacy stumbles.

Yahoo! Updates is launched nearly two years ago allowing people to stream updates about their lives, thoughts or activities at its free Web services such as email and instant messaging but sharing has been limited.

Anne Toth and Cody Simms of Yahoo! say that in the coming weeks, Yahoo! Mail will be expanding the features in its email service to include public updates sent from messenger and contacts. Also, they said Yahoo allows users to share their updates with their friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

It enables users to thoughtfully manage privacy controls that let them dictate what information is to be shared and with whom.

This control is placed at the top of the page and that there is a single on/off check-box with more granular controls for people who want their settings to be in between. Also, users can easily limit the people who see their updates stream.

Google after launching buzz feature in Gmail which automatically set up social networks based on contacts people messaged often. Due to slew of privacy complaints, it modified buzz. Google Buzz allows users to get updates about what their friends are doing online and offers ways to share video, photos and other digitized snippets in a challenge to social networking stars facebook and twitter.

Last week Facebook began overhauling privacy controls in the face of betraying the trust which has made it has the world biggest social network. Also, Facebook redesigned its privacy settings page to provide control over content and significant reduce in the amount of information visible to everyone. It has given 400 million members increased control over how outside applications or websites access information at the service.

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