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Our Client, a subsidiary of Air Conditioning Industries Limited, Japan is a world leading manufacturer of commercial and residential air conditioning systems. They provide a wide range of high-quality air conditioning systems for several establishments across the nation. They are experts in the areas of air purification, humidification and energy saving.

They have always been at the cutting edge of the technology and has constantly strived to deliver outstanding products and system solutions to ensure a comfortable living environment for people around the world.


We were tasked with enhancing the existing application and improving the usability issues. A large and resilient database was one critical requirement. Another was that the site should be easy-to-load, even when experiencing heavy traffic. So, we focused on enhancing the existing ERP that can handle thousands of users at one time by refining the response time optimization.

Understanding the client’s requirements, BlazeDream started working on enriching the existing ERP that allows the company to gather insights about the on-going processes, views and preferences thereby informing future decisions. Our aim was to create an application at a large range that can handle volume of users.


Having focus on providing the most advanced air-conditioning solutions across the globe; our client’s site was hampered by its unappealing, limited user interface. Having emphasized the need for enhancing the presentation of the ERP, BlazeDream optimized the interface to elevate the visual appeal and the functionality. The updated system significantly helped them to deliver information quickly in an easy way.

With over 60 production bases across the world, the outdated ERP system was associated with usability issues that impeded the functionality of the software. BlazeDream handled problems linked to unstructured grids and enhanced its accessibility to users. BlazeDream also optimized the functionality of the ERP in accordance with the response time.

Since they are a big giant company with customers branched across the globe, the upgraded architecture was designed in such a way that it posed no challenges for the existing and new customers.

BlazeDream also handled the warranty module of the ERP system. The newly designed system quickly tracked and retrieved the product’s warranty and support services efficiently.


Our unparalleled domain expertise in various verticals helped us to deliver highly tailored customized solutions to the client.

The user interface of the ERP was optimized to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The upgraded system was designed in such a way that the system’s usability evoked no challenges for the product’s end users.

The modified ERP simplified the process subject to data management and report generation. Thus the delivered solution highly administered the accuracy and discrepancy of data in all phases.

Tracking the products warranty was made feasible with the newly updated software.

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