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Our Client owns an established Supply Chain Solutions Company spanning their services across India, Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and CIS countries. They provide end to end supply chain solutions to Information Technology products (PCs, PC building blocks, networking, software and enterprise solution products) and Consumer and Lifestyle products (Telecom, Digital Lifestyle products, Entertainment products and Digital Printing Machines).


Being a leading Supply Chain Solutions Provider they faced challenges with respect to Human Resource Management in maintaining integrated information of recruitment process. They partnered with BlazeDream to implement Human Resource Management Application. This automated web application fairly simplified manual workload of end to end recruitment process with comprehensive solution of tracking details of all candidates.

They have employed over 2200 professionals to deliver products and services to customers located in every corner of the world. Though they are backed up with robust IT, communication infrastructure, advanced ERP and e-commerce backbone, they faced obstacles with Human Resource Management during the recruitment process.

More effort and time was required to organize and manage the existing system of manual record maintenance. There was also a high possibility for data discrepancies in such chaotic system. Tracking a particular candidate’s profile in massive amounts of records is an arduous task for any HR professional and when the candidates’ numbers are high, maintenance can become quite impossible.

Such scenario demanded an automated process to streamline the existing system for hiring best resources for sustainable growth of the concern.


We were on a pursuit to create tailored solutions for solving comprehensive challenges faced by the client. For more than 12 years, BlazeDream was already involved with the company’s development and maintenance work, so we possessed a good knowledge about their organization and business.

We immensely engaged with process-oriented solutions to integrate staffing process seamlessly with the happenings of the business. The application was designed to act as a database of their entire staffing process.

To meet the requirements of our client, we conducted comprehensive research, to analyze and identify the flaws in their HRM system. Within a span of 8 months, our work force managed to deliver an upgraded version of the HRM application to streamline the entire recruitment process of the organization. We implemented the system, with top priority given for customization throughout the execution of the proposed application.

The HR Recruitment Application developed by BlazeDream incorporated easy validation, tracking and monitoring candidate’s records throughout the staffing process, even after the recruitment process. This application mainly mitigated risks of administering the enrollment strategies including, posting job vacancies, collecting resumes, identifying and evaluating potential candidates, maintaining candidate database and also handling other human resource management requirements.

Our upgraded system involved five genres of users namely,

HR User – The user can post job vacancies, collect resumes, maintain candidate database, identify outstanding candidate, evaluate the documents and manage other tasks involved in the staffing process.

Management Staff – The user can refer candidates for job vacancies. Moreover, they can give scores afforded to the interviewed candidates stored in the database.

Consultant – The consultants can view the job vacancies and can also share the resumes of the desired candidates.

Candidate – The selected candidates can submit scanned PDF documents in the respective user accounts. The candidate user account will expire within a short span and later be moved to Management Users (Employees).

Super Admin – Creates and manages the entire users of this application.

BlazeDream successfully implemented this HR Recruitment Application with web application framework ASP.Net 3.5, SQL Server 2008, and IIS 6.0.


Our domain knowledge expertise helped us to deliver customized human resource management solutions that perfectly matched the client’s requirements in all verticals.

The client had been maintaining records manually, which resulted in disorganized and inconsistent data management. Our upgraded HR management application quickly automated the complete workflow and expedited staffing issues.

This application found to be a comprehensive solution of tracking details of the candidates who appear for staffing process and it has enhanced the employer-employee interactions.

The upgraded system handled the recruitment process completely, maintained up-to-date information, averted chaos of diverse user entries and other relevant chores.

Further the automated application enhanced the accuracy, improved productivity and reduced the tedious factors endured by the client. Thus the upgraded system made the recruitment process much more streamlined for the client.

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