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Before developing a mobile application, it is essential to define clearly the objectives of your mobile application. The functional and non-functional needs of your project, as well as the technical, graphic and ergonomic specificities will make your application successful. BlazeDream a leading Android App Development Company Uk can accompany you through these different stages of designing a mobile application that will match your needs and also those of your target.


The specifications must intuitively and consistently present your mobile application project. This is an essential step in the design of a mobile application that must allow its user to be able to grasp the stakes and expectations around the project. The specification must include the following elements:

iOS & Android Mobile App Development Company UK, London
  • Project framework

  • Constraints

  • Features of the mobile application

  • Functional and non-functional needs

  • Scenarios

  • Graphic Requirements

  • Ergonomic Requirements


As a prominent Mobile App Development Company India, we set up a model to begin the development of the mobile application. The purpose of this model is to ensure that our vision of the application renders perfectly your expectations and needs. The model also allows to adjust and validate certain functionalities of the mobile application as well as its design and its ergonomics. The realization of the models is thus carried out through a story board covering the entire course of a user in the application, more commonly called UX (User Experience) and includes in particular:

  • Home page: the most important page of an application on which users arrive at each connection. Its ergonomics must be perfect.

  • Intermediate pages: validate the mechanics of the mobile application, detail the route and the different uses of the mobile application.

Would you like to be accompanied in the design of a mobile application? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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