Meet your timeframes and requirements by hiring php web developers India

PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor is one of the most powerful and efficient programming language on the web. This most established programming language is used to develop dynamic web applications and pages.

Why PHP Web Development for your Business?

  • Exceptional CMSs: WordPress, Drupal, and more

  • Easily integrates with AJAX for website speed

  • MySQL/ Apache interfacing is easy

  • Highly compatible

  • Transparency

As a service provider for Web Development Company London, we program web applications for various industries as well as technical and commercial application areas in PHP. As a recognized PHP development company London, we serve our customers with complex content management systems, object-oriented web programming, forums, payment gateways and online shopping.

PHP developers can be flexible and valuable resource of your IT team, to get your processes such as operating systems, server technology and database management completed in a short duration seamlessly. We leverage various modern frameworks and technologies for developing powerful web solutions for our clients.

  • Symfony- A popular PHP Web Framework is perfectly suited for complex and large scale projects. This framework requires deep understanding of ORM, OOP and PHP5.

  • Laravel- This most preferred PHP framework is best recognized for its speed. It is highly recommended for startup’s and B2C web applications.

  • FuelPHP- It is a flexible MVC framework written in PHP. Our PHP developers have completed multiple projects using FuelPHP Framework.

  • Yii-One of the oldest PHP frameworks is preferably chosen for enterprise grade web application development.

  • CakePHP- With enhanced features of session management, it is well suited for small to medium applications for entertainment and business industries.

  • Zend- It requires excellent knowledge of OOP and PHP5 and it is most preferred for enterprise web application development.

PHP - Driven Open-Source Technologies

  • WordPress

  • Zen Cart

  • Magento

Are you looking for a PHP developer London? Hire Dedicated Resources from India to work with you to build PHP web applications according to your imagination.

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