We are a Leading web designing & hosting service provider in India

With technology at our core, BlazeDream's proficient team at the head quarter in Chennai, India can actually get your business to the next level. From custom software development, web application development, comprehensive e-commerce solutions to mobile app development, responsive web designing and digital marketing services, we understand the intricacies associated with the projects and formulate comprehensive strategies.

Web designers at our Web Design Company India, leverage contemporary techniques and trends, participate in conferences, and apply agile methodologies for all aspects of design.

Improve Your Online Business Performance with our Web Design Services:


Based on real content, we make low-resolution wireframes, that is, in the absence of graphic elements. This allows us to stay focused on the content. But in certain scenarios, our design experts can also make simple sketches on paper and as well as make layouts directly in HTML.

Having different approaches allows us to create real- functioning prototypes that allow both the client and the team to verify navigation flows and content, and successfully establish usability criteria for the end user.

Visual Design:

At the same time as the construction of wireframes, based on the information gathered during the brief, the development of visual design also begins. This is where the style of application, icons, typography, color palette, and logo design are decided.


The next step is the union of wireframes and visuals. This is where the final result is created, where the application, from a simple grid, takes on life and color. Mockups are again mounted on simulation platforms to test the visuals even before they are made.

It is the last step of the first sprint dedicated to graphics and design. Our UI/UX design creators craft real documentation to help developers to follow precise dashboards, css modules, vertical ripples, typography, logo and icon usage.

Hire our Dedicated Web Designers

Do you need a graphic studio for your site or app? Do you want to improve the user interface (UI) and see what works in what you already have? As a top-notch Web Development Company Los Angeles, we are constantly updating tools and techniques, internally delivering all the illustrations and visual design, making graphic studies, guidelines and disciplines aimed at development, defining wireframes, moods and style guides for your project. Use our team to start a solid and well-structured project.

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