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Our expertise in IT services has enabled us to expand our boundary in Wembley, London. Through our top-notch IT services, we provide result-driven solutions that eliminate inefficiencies and manage complex business operations.

We make your service accessible anytime from any where….

The simple, most efficient way to generate more customers is through an appealing company website, which provides your customers with comprehensive information about products and services.

Often, when developing a tailor-made application, even after having an overall idea of your project it might be impossible to anticipate everything and also you might difficulty in defining a precise specification of all the functions upstream. In order to avoid such setbacks, the best thing would be to hire the services of web development company Singapore or an expert web developer for your business.

Web developers at BlazeDream Technologies combine cutting-edge technological expertise with strategic consulting capabilities, to enable customers enrich their business with emerging best-in-class technologies and proven strategies. Our web development services cover the entire lifecycle of websites, business applications, collaborative intranets and customer mobility solutions. We are highly recognized for providing technological and innovative solutions on a number of platforms for distinct sectors.

Web Development

Due to the versatility of our web developers, we are able to implement the individual requirements of our customers as desired.

Web Application

We will also support you in the development of your application development. Native applications (iOS, Windows & Android) as well as the implementation of hybrid and web applications are among our core competences.

Responsive Web design

To help you to meet the highest demands, we provide full-service responsive web design solution to allow your customers to reach you not only on the computer but also on the mobile base, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, at any location.

Digital Marketing

With great digital marketing services of BlazeDream, your customers will find you in front of your competition. To achieve enhanced web presence we provide top-notch Digital marketing services such as Facebook Ads, PPC Advertising, Google Ad words, Shopping Ad services and Pay Per Click advertising.


Brand image is a qualitative metric measured by your potential customers. We boost your brand identity with impactful designs that make your logo and online presence instantly recognizable to your target audience.

You have a web project that does not fit in any box and you are looking for dedicated web developers to take up the challenge? Our experience and our passion for all the technical challenges should please you!

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