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 “BlazeDream raises one’s ingenuity by creating Knowledge.” We would like to thank every one of you that have supported us over the years. This is perfectly an exciting time to send lots of love and happiness during this amazing milestone in your life. A 15th anniversary deserves a great recognition as it only happens once in [...]

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There are many factors that encompass good website design; the first and foremost thing you should consider is it must look more appealing and seductive. Effective web design is the key factor to develop a successful and profitable online presence because it acts as your representative to the cyber world. A good website must be [...]

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    Key Responsibilities:   -       Learn and execute proven processes to generate new sales opportunities -       Strategize with top-producing sales managers -       Map prospective accounts around organizational structure, people and existing technology -       Engage executives in targeted prospect accounts -       Orchestrate discussions with senior execs around their business needs -       Manage and maintain a [...]

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Before determining the scope of a project, it is important to first establish the project objectives. It may be helping to produce a new product, create a new service to provide within the organization or develop a new bit of software. If your business is thinking about designing its website, it is decisive to determine [...]

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We are aware of the fact that world is becoming smarter with the usage of mobile devices which gets them a profound solution for the diverse requirements, on the go. Worldwide, 85% of the users go for mobile Internet where around 86 million people are looking for local business information on their mobile devices on [...]

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Realizing the massive power of internet, most of them have opened online outlets to promote their business products and services. With the advent of smart phones & tablets, the usage of internet has increased enormously. Thereby most of the companies and organizations have gone mobile to reach millions of potential mobile users. E-commerce businesses also [...]

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Internet evidently became a huge market place to advertise and put up for sale, regardless of products and services of any kinds. Hence, most of the organizations had opened their virtual shops and reached millions of users worldwide on web. The advancement in the highly secured money transfer systems has increased online shopping, thereby the [...]

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Almost all the industries realized the transformation and moved online for a sustainable growth with the ever growing technology. Moving forward, mobile technology the next vertical has paved the way to reach millions of customers across the world. Companies with legitimate business products and services found potential customers online and delivered prolific solutions to the [...]

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With the advent of mobile technology, the world of digital has been shaped and moved to the next vertical. Most of the organizations have taken their business to Mobile Sites, which in turn made them reach millions of potential customers across the world. Similarly, Mobile Applications have extremely simplified our day to day life and [...]

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Prospective employees are the rich assets of any organizations with sustainable growth. Hence the role of Human Resource Management is ought to be extraordinary as they engage in hiring the best talents for the organizations. Most of the companies have unique strategies, processes and courses of action, which are tend to be highly time consuming [...]

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